Bartholomew Columbus

Swaggering slaver with a famous brother


Born 1461 in Genoa, Italy. Died 1514 in Santo Domingo, Hispaniola.

Bartholomew Columbus was Christopher Columbus’ younger brother. A map-maker, he helped his brother concoct the ‘Enterprise of the Indies’ and was the Adelantado (Supreme Ruler) of the Indies for a while.

Bartholomew Columbus (Bartolomé Colón)
Nature: Bravo Demeanour: Magistrate Shadow: Faust
Strength 2 Charisma (bragging) 4 Perception 3
Dexterity 2 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 3
Stamina 3 Appearance 2 Wits (scheming) 4
Alertness 1 Crafts 0 Academics 2
Athletics 0 Etiquette 2 Artillery 0
Awareness 0 Firearms 0 Culture 1
Brawl 1 Leadership (Spaniards) 4 Enigmas 0
Dodge 1 Meditation 0 Investigation 1
Empathy 0 Melee 1 Law 1
Expression (speeches) 4 Performance 0 Linguistics 2
Intimidation 1 Repair 0 Navigation 3
Subterfuge (fraud) 4 Sailing 1 Occult 0
Villainy 3 Stealth 0 Politics 3
Arcanoi Fetters Passions
Usury 4 Monastery of St Francis 4 Rule Hispaniola (AMBITION) 2
Argos 2 Map of New World 3 Get rich (GREED) 3
Fatalism 2 Punish Bobadilla (REVENGE) 2
Lifeweb 3 Defeat Diego Colon (HONOUR) 2
Backgrounds Thorns Dark Passions
Wealth 5 Shadow Ability (Culture +3) Enslave wraiths (HATE) 3
Allies 4 Shadow Arcanoi (Puppetry +1) Betray trust (CONTEMPT) 2
Status 3 Dark Instrument (Living Chains +4) Be loved by the crowd (VANITY) 5
Legacy 4
Haunt 5
Relics 3
Merits Flaws
Self Confidence (5) Bombast (1)
Reputation (2)
Willpower 7 Corpus 10 Angst 5

Bartholomew wears a Conquistador’s corselet mail with a motion helm that gives 3 points of protection but adds +1 difficulty to initiative rolls. He uses his influence in the Skeletal Legion to equip himself with Stygian weapons or living chains. Her disdains to wear a mask.


Bartholomew is immensely ambitious, but his death from fever in 1514 prevented him from taking up a Governorship in the Antilles and enabled his scheming nephew Diego to seize his legacy. The feud between the two men continues in death. Columbus ranks high in the Skeletal Legion, but his ambitions are blocked by Ojeda; each man considers the other a great fool.

Columbus loves Santo Domingo, the city he founded; the city functions as his Legacy and his powerful allies keep him will supplied with Thralls. He uses his wealth to advance his many schemes, notably plots directed against Ojeda, Bobadilla or his onetime nephew Diego.

He comes across as friendly and good-natured and he loves being popular. However, when the genial mask slips he shows himself to be an arrogant egotist and a cold-hearted bully.

Bartholomew Columbus

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