These 26 Archetypes have been adapted or created to develop characters in the dark Caribbean setting.


You make sacrifices to reduce others’ suffering. You don’t have to be naïve, or impractical – though you may be. Just because you worry about others doesn’t mean you’re blind to their faults.
— Regain Willpower every time you help someone at your own expense


You reinforce your own self-worth by denigrating others. The Bravo is constantly trying to achieve dominance in any situation she encounters, and will keep on pushing for it until she either gets it or is soundly defeated.
— Regain Willpower every time you make someone else back down


Out at sea, you can be yourself. Maybe you were a real boucanier (cattle-herding islander) or perhaps you fled to the seas and the islands to get away from smothering social rules. Some consider you a boorish ruffian, but you think there’s more honesty in your rudeness than their good manners.
- Regain Willpower when you cause offence through your honesty or graceless competence


You’re the one who takes up the cause and convinces others to follow her. While there’s always the possibility of leading others to their doom, a Captain is always convinced that she knows the best way into – and out of – any given situation.
— Regain Willpower when your orders are followed to a successful conclusion


You’ve got a goal in mind — now you must detail all the steps to get from where you are to where you want to be. The reckless may criticize your slow, methodical approach, but you don’t want to fail because something important wasn’t taken into account.
— Regain Willpower every time a careful plan of yours pays dividends.


You have dedicated your afterlife to saving your own corpus, minimizing your concern for others in order to protect yourself. Existence, at any cost, is what you value, and you will sacrifice anything in order to survive.
— Regain Willpower whenever you survive danger by sacrificing something


You focus on solving the problems of others. You mediate disputes, act as a friend to help a person get through difficulty, or even serve as an arbitrator or judge. An overdeveloped sense of responsibility often gets you into trouble.
— Regain Willpower anytime you convince others to compromise.


You will never wear chains again. Perhaps you were a slave or perhaps you knew a life of drudgery, or maybe you have always valued freedom above all other things. Freedom can be lonely but you will never accept another’s will to override your own.
— Regain Willpower whenever you assert your freedom at some cost or risk to yourself or those you care for


In death, as in life, only victory counts. Perhaps you were a literal conquistador, claiming lands and slaves for the Crown, or perhaps you valued other sorts of conflict, defeating your enemies in academic debate, political intrigue or wharfside brawls. Constant competition hones your skills because there are no prizes for second place.
— Regain Willpower whenever you win a public victory over an enemy or rival


You brim with ideas and dreams of the way things should be, and you always look for someone who might share your vision. Others may say you refuse to accept reality, but that’s because you shouldn’t have to.
— Regain Willpower every time things turn out for the best, just the way you knew they would.


The prospect of finding new places, people, and things fires you with excitement and you’ll wander from the darkest jungles of the Flayed Lands to the heart of the Labyrinth on your quests. You do sometimes get you companions in trouble but in the Explorer’s eyes it’s more than worth it.
— Regain Willpower when you come across something no one else ever has


Whether anyone appreciates it or not, you’re the one who gets the job done — the tougher, the better. Your willingness to charge ahead can sometimes cause headaches for the group, however, as you don’t like to slow down so others can catch up.
— Regain Willpower whenever you accomplish a task at great risk to yourself


Boredom is Oblivion, and the stakes are never so high that they can’t be made higher. Of course, taking so many risks does have its inevitable price, but to the Gamester, it’s more than worth it, just for the thrill.
— Regain Willpower every time you place yourself in danger but escape with a benefit


Maybe you really were a grommet (ship’s boy) or died in childhood, but Wraiths with this Archetype aren’t necessarily children; a great many adults who reach the Shadowlands never matured emotionally while they were alive. While the Waif’s innocent faith can be inspiring to other wraiths, his dependency can be infuriating and even dangerous.
— Regain Willpower whenever you someone else protects or nurtures you


Everything is a joke. While a Jester may not know when to quit, continuing to make jokes at all (and especially at inappropriate) times, his presence and antics serve to lighten the gloom that can easily overwhelm those who dwell in the Underworld.
— Regain Willpower whenever you can lighten the mood and improve a tense situation.


Pleasure reaffirms the power of existence in the face of Oblivion. You are often short-sighted, focused on nothing more than the next thrill.
— Regain Willpower whenever you have an unadulterated good time.


You fit perfectly into the System. It nurtures and protects you, even as you maintain and serve it. Magistrates are most often found among the Guild and Empire ranks and will subvert all other considerations to process. Order is the key to resisting Oblivion.
— Regain Willpower every time problems are resolved by following correct procedures.


You are always willing to put yourself at risk in order that others or a cause survive or succeed, even when a sacrifice isn’t necessary. Workaholics and perfectionists, Martyrs don’t seek rewards, only recognition of their sacrifices.
— Regain Willpower whenever you sacrifice yourself or something of yours to a higher goal.


You belong to both worlds, and neither. Perhaps you were in life a mestizo (mixed European and Native American parentage) or mulatto (mixed European and African), or maybe you just never fitted in, but in death you continue to feel like the eternal outsider.
- Regain Willpower whenever you accomplish a significant personal goal without input from others


You are excellent at getting others to do what you want. Many Plotters know themselves well enough to suspect all other wraiths of behaving the same way, and thus have tremendous difficulties with trust.
— Regain Willpower every time you convince someone else to take risks for you


The world is a riddle to be solved using logic and deduction. In life you were inspired by the astronomy of Galileo and Kepler, Mercator’s maps and Descartes’ rationalism. You sense that this new way of looking at things may make sense of the Underworld too.
— Regain Willpower whenever you accomplish something significant by thinking scientifically

Sea Dog

Expect the worst, so that, if you’re wrong, you’re pleasantly surprised. You find that other people are always doing something selfish that inevitably gets them in trouble, just as you predicted it would.
— Regain Willpower when you correctly predict a bad outcome


The boss knows better than you do – that’s why he’s the boss and you’re swabbing the deck. The best bet for survival is to take orders and not to argue.
— Regain Willpower if you survive a hazardous situation by following orders


You hear the call of adventure and romance. Existence without glamour is no existence at all so you fill yours with risk and emotion. You give your heart easily, but tend to arouse strong affections in others as well.
— Regain Willpower whenever you face danger for the sake of love, friendship or adventure


You live for battle, which is the only way to test your true mettle. Not only do you enjoy fighting, you value it as a way of gauging your true worth and the worth of your allies and enemies. A worthy opponent is hard to find, but preferable to an unworthy comrade.
- Regain Willpower when you encounter a worthy opponent in combat


You enjoy being at the centre of things, and having people come to you for the latest news. You always know just what to say to ensure that whatever you tell someone gets passed along to others.
— Regain Willpower whenever your stories influence important events


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