Guild: Pardoners

Fingers stained inky black

Basic Abilities
  • Maelstrom Bulwark: roll Strength + Castigate (difficulty Maelstrom rating +4) and spend Pathos equal to Maelstrom rating to be immune to Maelstrom damage and Spectres; can be extended to those you touch; move slowly and no aggressive actions
  • Sight of Sin: roll Perception + Castigate (difficulty 8) to look into another Wraith’s Shadow and judge its relative strength

● Wrestle the Devil
Roll Charisma+Castigate (difficulty 6) and spend 1 Pathos; each success forces the Shadow to give the Pardoner one Shadow Dice. This can take the Shadow Dice above the normal limit.

●● Dead Men’s Tales
Roll Perception+Castigate (difficulty is target’s Angst) and spend 1 Pathos and gain 1 Angst; each success is one question that the Shadow must answer truthfully; can be used instead to add extra successes to Scourge The Soul

●●● Scourge The Soul
Roll Manipulation+Castigate (difficulty is target’s Angst, unwilling targets may resist with Willpower); target loses 1 Temporary Angst and 1 Temporary Corpus per success, Pardoner gains 1 Angst per “1” rolled

●●●● Tabernacle of Purity
Roll Stamina+Castigate (difficulty 8) and spend 4 Pathos; reduces the Maelstrom rating by 1 per success for the affected building

●●●●● Prayer of Defiance
Roll Intelligence+Castigate (difficulty is your Angst) and spend 1 Pathos; each success reduces Temporary Angst by 1 and costs +1 Pathos but failure increases Angst by 1 and a botch adds to Permanent Angst; can be used on other Wraiths but at +3 difficulty


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