Guild: Oracles

Symbols of Fate on forehead

Basic Abilities
  • Augur: roll Perception + Fatalism (difficulty 6) to detect which characters or objects in the scene are ultimately important in the web of Fate.
  • Stormwatch: roll Intelligence + Fatalism (difficulty is current Maelstrom level + 3) to predict the next Maelstrom level in the area.

● Reading the Tides
Roll Dexterity + Fatalism (difficulty 8) and spend 1 Pathos to get psychic impressions from objects you handle (1 success gives basic emotions and actions; 3 successes suggests the last significant event in which the object played a part; 5+ successes gives a good idea of whose hands the object has been in and what they’ve done with it). If Incarnate is used to handle physical objects this can be used in the Skinlands too.

●● Sailor Take Warning
Roll Perception + Fatalism (difficulty 6) and each success gives one turn of preparation and a fair knowledge of what the upcoming threat is. Each successful use gains one Angst.

●●● Jonah’s Dodge
Roll Wits + Fatalism (difficulty 8); each success allows the character a free die that she can add to her Dodge pool for avoiding the opponent’s next attack. This art costs two Pathos per use.

●●●● Taking the Auspices
Roll Manipulation + Fatalism (difficulty equal to the target’s Willpower, both may spend Willpower to aid the result) and for each success the Wraith can ask the Storyteller one question about the subject’s present and future. This art costs two Pathos per use and working without Relic props increases the difficulty by +2. The Wraith may use this art freely on himself.

●●●●● Kismet
At the beginning of each story, roll Charisma + Fatalism (difficulty 6). The number of successes rolled equals the number of 1s the character may negate during the story. This costs two Pathos and one Willpower.


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