Guild: Proctors

Piebald markings on Corpus

Basic Abilities
  • Ghostly Touch: roll Strength + Incarnate (difficulty is the Shroud rating) to disturb dust, fluid, mist, etc.; each success adds one to the duration of the Incarnate power currently being used.
  • Sense Incarnation: roll Perception + Incarnate (difficulty 8); detects use of Incarnate in the area in the last month (1 success), which Art was used (3 successes) and by whom (5 successes).

● Ghostly Whispers
Roll Manipulation + Incarnate (difficulty is the Shroud) and each success allows the Wraith to whisper one short sentence (3 to 7 words). By spending 1 Pathos, the Wraith can communicate normally for an entire Scene with a number of targets equal to the successes rolled.

●● Mirror Presence
Roll Appearance + Incarnate (difficulty is the Shroud) and spend 1 Pathos to appear to the living in a reflective surface, in place of their own reflection or else positioned behind them. The Wraith cannot be heard unless Ghostly Whispers is used. The Wraith can move from one reflective surface to another, for one turn per success. At any point the Wraith can leap ‘out’ of the mirror, instantly discorporating but triggering the Fog in the terrified mortal.

●●● Phantom Figure
Roll Charisma + Incarnate (difficulty is the Shroud) and spend 1 Pathos; luminous form appears to the living for one turn per success. Mortals are affected by the Fog but resistance is lowered by 1 per success above the first. Physical contact causes discorporation for the Wraith and the end of the effect.

●●●● Zombi Life
Roll Manipulation + Incarnate (difficulty is Shroud) and spend 2 Pathos to enter the Skinlands as an animated corpse for one bell (30 minutes) per success. The zombi loses a point of Appearance immediately and loses another dot with each bell; zombis with an Appearance of 0 trigger the Fog in mortals, with a penalty of -1 to resistance for each point lost beyond zero. If Appearance drops to 0 the Wraith gains 1 Angst.

●●●●● Lazarus Rising
Roll Intelligence + Incarnate (difficulty is the Shroud) and spend 3 Pathos and 1 Willpower to enter the Skinlands as a living being for one bell (30 minutes) per success. The ‘living Wraith’ gains a full set of mortal health levels and a quiet Shadow that cannot spend Angst, activate Thorns, offer Shadow dice or attempt Catharsis. Making a Passion or Dark Passion roll disrupts the incarnation and gains a point of temporary Angst plus 1 Angst for each success on the Passion roll.

Zombi Life and Lazarus Rising both move the Wraith fully into the Skinlands, making him immune to attacks or powers that only affect the Underworld, including Maelstroms


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