Guild: Chanteurs

Tears perpetually run down cheeks

Basic Abilities
  • Perfect Pitch: rolls Perception + Keening (difficulty 6) to detect Keening; to detect Sotto Voce needs as many successes as the Sotto Voce roll.
  • Sotto Voce: roll Appearance + Keening (difficulty 7) to conceal Keening – but +1 difficulty to non-sung uses of this Arcanos.

● Dirge

Rolls Manipulation + Keening (difficulty 8), spend 1 Pathos and gain 1 Angst to stimulate dark emotions (fear, sadness, hate, jealousy) in mortals; 1 success lasts a few minutes, 3 successes a Scene, 5 successes a month. Wraiths ae afected for 1 turn per success.

●● Ballad

Rolls Charisma + Keening (difficulty 8) and spend 1 Pathos to stimulate positive emotions (courage, love, confidence, joy) for long periods in mortals or 1 turn per success in Wraiths.

●●● Muse

Roll Intelligence + Keening roll (difficulty is target’s Willpower), spend 2 Pathos and gain 1 Angst. Targets act on ideas the Wraith implants: 1-2 successes produces a general motivation, 3-4 produces the actions the Wraith intended, 5+ means exact instructions are followed.

●●●● Sea Shanty

Roll Stamina + Keening (difficulty is Maelstrom rating +4) and spend 3 Pathos and 1 Willpower to protect against Maelstroms and Spectres for one Scene so long as the Wraith keeps singing. Any fellow travelers named in the Sea Shanty share the protection so long as they stay within a distance of the singer’s Strength x Keening in yards. Longer journeys may require multiple successes and extended rolls but the Sea Shanty must be started again if the Maelstrom goes stronger.

●●●●● Siren’s Song

Roll Strength + Keening (difficulty 8) and spend 1 Pathos and 1 Willpower, plus 1 Pathos per success. Each success does one die of aggravated damage to Spectres and causes them to gain one point of temporary Composure; with 3+ successes the Psyches of Spectres roll for Catharsis. Alternatively, damage is to Wraiths who also gain temporary Angst and suffer Catharsis, but this gains the singer a point of Temporary Angst per success.

Alternative Arcanoi known to the Guild
●●● Spectral Shriek

Roll Intelligence + Keening (difficulty 7), spend 2 Pathos and gain 1 Angst to imitate a Spectre’s shriek. Spectres who hear the shriek will not converge on the Wraith during a Maelstrom for the rest of the Scene. Obviously, the Wraith doesn’t look like a Spectre so this power has no effect on Sprectres encountered face-to-face. Wraiths hearing the shriek may try to escape or hide.


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