Guild: Artificers

Rust coloured Corpus

Basic Abilities
  • Sense Kinesis: roll Perception + Kinesis (difficulty 6) to tell if Kinesis has been used on an object in the last month; additional successes give clues about the identity of the Arcanos user.
  • Inhabit: roll Dexterity + Kinesis (difficulty is Shroud) to enter an object in the Skinlands for 1 turn per success; by spending Willpower the Wraith can attune an object.

● Pillage

Rolls Strength + Kinesis (difficulty is the Shroud) and spend 1 Pathos to make a machine seize up and jam. This will jam flintlocks, seize up cannons and render grenades harmless; it will also spring locks and open chains. The item can be restored to normal using a Wits+Repair roll, so long as the successes equal or exceed the successes scored by the Wraith. Used on Relics or Artifacts (like Living Chains) the difficulty is 6 and the user must get successes equal to the item’s Background cost.

●● Monkey in the Rigging

Roll Dexterity + Kinesis (difficulty is the Shroud) and spend 2 Pathos to Inhabit an item then travel through it to adjoining items, passing through mooring ropes, ladders, planks and washing lines and reforming at the destination (or Inhabiting an object there). A single success will cross a room, 3 successes will cross to other ships or buildings and 5 successes will cross a complete fleet or town.

●●● Helmsman

Roll Wits + Kinesis (difficulty is the Shroud) and spend 1 Pathos to steer a vehicle (usually a ship), producing one manoeuvre per success. If the Wraith is attuned to the vehicle, she doesn’t have to be Inhabiting it but must be able to see it. Destroying the ship generates 1 Angst. Used in the Shadowlands to control a Relic or Artifact, the difficulty is 6 and the Wraith must score a number of successes equal to the vehicle’s Background cost (usually 10+ for Shadowjammer, but an extended roll can be attempted at a cost of 1 extra Pathos per roll).

●●●● Stake a Claim

Roll Intelligence + Kinesis (difficulty is the Shroud) and spend 3 Pathos: 1 success can Claim a book, 3 a house or small ship, 5 a large sailing ship. A Wraith can Inhabit the Claimed object, no matter the size, and perceive and understand everything within it. If the object is attuned to the Wraith then no additional Pathos needs to be spent to use any Kinesis arts on it and the Wraith can Inhabit it indefinitely. If a Claimed object is destroyed while Inhabited, the Wraith can spend 1 Willpower to turn it into a Relic, but the Wraith gains 1 Angst and loses 1 Permanent Corpus for each Relic dot it is worth.

●●●●● Treasure Trove

Roll Manipulation + Kinesis (difficulty is the Shroud for objects or Relic rating +4) and spend 1 Willpower to imbue an Arcanos power into an object or Relic that anyone can use. The Arcanos must be performed and paid for, 3 additional Pathos are needed to seal the artifact and extra Pathos and Willpower can be invested to empower multiple uses (up to as many points as the number of successes rolled). The artifact cannot be recharged.

Alternative versions of this art are used to create special Underworld Artifacts like soulcrystals, Stygian masks and living chains.

Alternative Arcanoi known to the Guild
●●●● Forge Plasm

With this art the Artificers can reshape plasmic material (ie Relics and Artifacts) into new forms. This is usually employed to turn ‘useless’ Relics into soulsteel objects like chains, masks, weapons, armour and bricks. The cost is 1 Pathos for each dot in the Relic Background being forged.

●●●●● Forge Souls

With this art the Artificers can forge plasmic objects into a wraith’s Corpus. This requires 3 Pathos but if this art is used to reforge a wraith’s Corpus into a plasmic object – the ‘soulforging’ used to create Soulsteel and other Underworld materials – then the Artificer also gains 3 Angst. Wraith Corpus cannot be reforged into other animate forms – that requires the highest level of Moliate instead.


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