Guild: Monitors

Eyes never close

Basic Abilities
  • Locate Fetter: roll Perception + Lifeweb (difficulty 6) to sense the area around your own or someone else’s Fetter and estimate its direction and distance; unwilling targets can resist by rolling Willpower
  • Identify Fetter: roll Intelligence + Lifeweb (difficulty 6) to identify whether something is a Fetter, 3 successes will identify who is attached to the Fetter and 5 successes will identify where the Fetter-holder is

● Lifeline

Roll Charisma + Lifeweb (difficulty 7) and spend 1 Pathos to create a tether to another Wraith so that Locate Fetter will work on them. A tethered Wraith can be ‘pulled’ out of the Tempest by spending 1 Pathos or into the Tempest by gaining 1 Angst. A Wraith skilled in Usury can send Pathos to the tethered Wraith from a distance. The Wraith cannot maintain more Lifelines than his rating in Lifeweb.

●● Crow’s Nest

Roll Manipulation + Lifeweb (difficulty 8) and spend 1 Pathos per turn to communicate with other Wraiths through a Fetter and use Arcanoi through the Fetter (so long as the Arcanoi used are not higher than the Wraith’s Lifeweb rating); this can also be used to communicate with or use Arcanoi on wraiths linked to the character by a Lifeline.

●●● Lanyard

Roll Dexterity + Lifeweb (difficulty 7) and spend 1 Pathos, plus 1 Pathos per day, to attach a new Level One Fetter to a Wraith. This art can also reattached severed Fetters by spending 1 Willpower point.

●●●● Sever Strand

Roll Strength + Lifeweb (difficulty is target’s Willpower) and spend 2 Pathos to attack a Fetter. Each success reduces the Fetter’s rating by 1 and gains the attacker a point of Temporary Angst. If the Fetter drops to zero this way, the target Wraith falls into a Harrowing. Severed Fetters can be reattached using the Lanyard art.

●●●●● Ties That Bind

Roll Stamina + Lifeweb (difficulty 6) to bind a group of Wraiths, Fetters and/or Relics together. The number of successes is the maximum number of additional characters or objects that can be affected and they must either be physically present or linked as Fetters or through Lifelines. For one Scene, any Arcanoi used by the Wraith affect all the other linked characters or objects (healing them, turning them invisible, Moliating them, etc). Any Wraiths connected by Lifelines can also affect everyone with their powers, if the main character allows this. Unwilling recipients can resist using Willpower. There are two main uses of this art: to allow wraiths to use each others’ Fetters to Slumber and heal; and to use Arcanoi on a group of wraiths together in a ship or other vehicle. One Pathos must be spent per success needed as well as a Willpower point.

Alternative Arcanoi known to the Guild
●●●●● Faustian Pact

Roll Appearance + Lifeweb (difficulty is target’s Willpower) and spend 5 Pathos and 1 Willpower to turn a human into a new Level One Fetter and create a Level One Passion to protect them. If the mortal dies the Wraith will know it and the new wraith will have a Passion towards is benefactor.


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