Code of Honour (2 points)

Your strict code of behaviour enables you to resist most temptations that conflict with it and gives you 2 extra dice (or +2 difficulty for an opponent) to resist supernatural influence to violate the code. This includes the Shadow’s Thorns and escaping a Harrowing but only if they would make you go against your code.


Iron Will (4 points)

This is a stronger version of Code of Honour (qv.) that enables you to resist any temptation or mental influence, giving you 2 extra dice (or imposing +2 difficulty on opponents). This always applies to resisting a Shadow’s Thorns or escaping Harrowings as well as magical attempts to summon or bind you.

Self Confidence (5 points)

If you attempt any challenging task (difficulty 6+) and spend a Willpower Point on it, then so long as you do not fail the task you do not have to lose the Willpower Point.


Ambidextrous (1 point)

You can use a weapon in each hand, gaining two actions each turn. You still suffer the multiple action penalty (-2 dice for taking 2 actions) but you do not suffer the additional penalty for the subsequent action.

Bombardier (1-2 points)

You are experienced with explosives, grenades and cannons. Master Gunner dice rolls in ship combat are at -1 difficulty for you. If you take this as a 2 point Merit then you can ignore one botch on rolls involving gunpowder.

Marksman (1 point)

You are a sharpshooter and have -1 difficulty on rolls using Muskets or Buccaneer Guns.

Pilot (1 point)

You are experienced in piloting a ship and Pilot dice rolls in ship combat are at -1 difficulty.

Rigging Monkey (1 point)

You are experienced in climbing rigging and have a great head for heights. Dice rolls to climb or swing from ropes are at -2 difficulty.

Swimmer (1 point)

You can swim, even if you do not have dots in Athletics and Sailing, and are not automatically discorporated by salt water.

Armour Trained (2 points)

You are trained in fighting in armour, perhaps through a stint in the army. You suffer one less penalty to your Dexterity-based rolls when in armour (eg only +2 in Stygian plate and no penalty at all in a soulsteel breastplate).

Daredevil (3 points)

In dangerous situations you can ignore one botch on any dice roll. This includes combat, some stealth or climbing rolls and Harrowings among other things.

Pistol Duelist (3 points)

An experienced pistol duelist, you can judge how quickly to take your shot. Your opponent must roll initiative before you, while you roll yours in secret. You then both decide how many successes to add to your initiative (up to the maximum Wits + Alertness Dice Pool), taking a penalty to your attack dice pool for each success you added to initiative.

Duelist (4 points)

You are an experienced duelist who can size up an opponent by studying their moves. At the end of each turn of combat (or every two turns you spend watching them fight someone else) you automatically gain a modifier that can be added to initiative, attacks, parries or dodges for the rest of the Scene.

Jack of All Trades (5 points)

Your wide experience means you are considered to have a dot in every Skill and Knowledge. However, if you buy a second dot with experience points you still need to spend 3 experience points for the first dot.


Firebeard or Firetresses (2 points)

Your hair literally burns. This might be an expression of your fiery personality, the result of a fiery death or the extension of a lifetime practice of putting firecrackers in your hair or beard to frighten enemies. This gives you the Distinctive Visage Flaw (but you can no freebie points for that) and you automatically trigger the Fog in mortals if they see you incarnated or hysteria if they see you in a phantasie dream. However, you are immune to the damaging effects of fire, including soulfire, and gain an extra dice on rolls involving Intimidation.

Full of Life (1-5 points)

Each point in this Merit gives you an extra level of Permanent Corpus, taking it up to a maximum of 15. However, when your Temporary Corpus exceeds 10 you blaze with life in the eyes of other Wraiths and gain the Distinctive Visage Flaw (qv.); Spectres will target you in preference to any other wraith and Maelstroms should be treated as one level higher for purposes of Spectre activity when you are present.


Forged Letter of Marque (1 point)

As it says, a bogus (but convincing) Letter of Marque (qv.) that will let you sell Prizes to the Empire and be ransomed from the Guilds. You must roll Manipulation+Politics for the ruse to work: 1 success is enough for the Empire but 3 successes are needed to convince the Guilds. If the forgery fails this Merit is lost, but a new forgery can be created for the next Story (assuming you survive).

Guild Trained (1 point)

You were trained in one of the Guilds before turning to Roving. As such, you can start with the Alternative Arts rather than the standard arts for one of your Arcanoi.

Mortal Consort (2 points)

There is a living human who knows what you are and is not affected by the Fog in your presence (although other wraiths have the normal effect). This mortal is fully attuned to your Arcanoi as a Consort at the start of play. Such mortals may be family, spouses, kindly priests but can be former enemies.

Awakened Companion (3 points)

You have a friend who is a vampire, werewolf, mage or changeling. Although you are friends, you keep each other’s existence a secret from your own kind. They will help you with your problems but will also call on you to help with theirs. Your friend will feature prominently in about a third of your Stories but you can meet with them regularly for information and advice.

Letter of Marque (3 points)

You have a commission from the Empire to seek out and harass Guild shipping, taking ships and cargoes as Prizes. The Empire will take your ‘plunder’ and pay you a commission. The Empire does not regard you as a Pirate and will not police you. If captured by the Guilds, a Letter of Marque will ensure you are ransomed back to the Empire rather than enslaved. The personal Letters of Marque cover only the individual; Letters of Marque identifying an entire ship and her crew must be bought as a Shadowjammer Merit.

Reputation (3 points)

You have established a reputation for yourself in the Underworld that means you are treated as having one dot of Status in every known faction (Company of Guilds, Iron Empire, Pilgrims, Brethren, Caribs, Loa).

Boon (1-3 points)

You are owed to favour by a faction in the Underworld – the Company of Guilds, the Iron Empire, the Pilgrims and the Brethren or even the Caribs, the Fifth Sun or the Loa. 1 point amounts to safe passage through their territories, 2 points includes favourable trading and information, 3 points means calling on their assistance. If the Boon is abused or not reciprocated it will be canceled.

Harbour (1-3 points)

You have access to a haven in the Shadowseas, a place where the Shadowlands and the Tempest bleed together as they used to before the Third Great Maelstrom. This might be a Shadowcreek (a river estuary) or a Darkreef (a reef of rocky promontory out to sea) or even a Coldharbour (a wharf or port controlled by a wraithly faction). A 1 point Harbour will allow a vessel no larger than a rowboat, 2 points will accommodate sloops and 3 points will be big enough for any vessel. The Harbour opens into a Byway that is safe from Maelstromsof up to level 3 (for 1 point), 4 (for 2 points) or 5 (for 3 points).

Pirate Hoard (1-4 points)

During your mortal life (or even subsequently, if you have the Arcanoi to act beyond the Shroud) you accumulated a small fortune which you have kept safe and accessible. You can still use this money, either personally (ie by incarnating or skinriding) or through Allies among the Quick or the Awakened. A 1-point hoard is a sum sufficient to buy any ordinary item, equipment or resource each Story but a 3 point hoard is a princely sum that can fund a small war, revolution, trading venture or castle-building during a Story. The hoard is safely hidden in one location but for an extra point (2 points or 4 points) it is banked with the Brethren of the Coast and can be drawn upon from any Brethren stronghold (notably Tortuga, Port Royal and Nassau but many other smaller hideouts too).

Old Soul (1-5 points)

You’ve been dead a long time and can use your Knowledges to produce information that is lost to younger wraiths. If a piece of knowledge is within your era, the difficulty is at -2 for rolls to recall it. 1 point means you predate the Third Great Maelstrom and lived in the Renaissance; 2 points means you remember the Second Great Maelstrom and lived in the Middle Ages, 3 points means you predate the Second Great Maelstrom and remember the Dark Ages, 4 points means you remember the First Great Maelstrom and the fall of Rome, for 5 points you lived in Classical Antiquity and remember the Caesars and the Pharaohs.


True Love (1 point)

Your True Love may be a mortal or another Wraith – or even another Awakened being like a changeling or a vampire! The difference between this and a Love Passion is that your True Love loves you back just as intensely. The bond between you means you automatically pass any Willpower roll or Harrowing roll that would separate you from your True Love, but if your True Love is ever lost or killed you will immediately suffer a Harrowing. If your True Love is active in the Chronicle you should buy him or her as an Ally, Mortal Consort or Awakened Companion. In about a third of your Stories your True Love will need to be helped, protected or rescued. Your True Love doesn’t have to be a Fetter or the subject of a Passion, but why wouldn’t they be?

Faerie Affinity (2 points)

In life, you inherited the blood of the ancient Fae and in death they are attracted to you and you to them. You perceive changelings in the true (chimerical) form and any chimeras interacting with them are real to you. Sluagh do not need to spend Glamour to see and communicate with you. You are treated as if your Banality was equal to your Angst + 3 and you can absorb Glamour as Pathos. However, Faerie cantrips and oaths are binding on you too.

Bright (3 points)

Your rolls to cross the Shroud are at -1 difficulty and mortals are treated as having an extra point of Willpower for calculating how the Fog affects them when they encounter you.

Lucky (4 points)

You can repeat up to three (separate) failed rolls per Story.

True Faith (6 points)

You have a single dot in True Faith, a Numina with a scale of 1-10. Each dot in True Faith can be added to Willpower rolls to resist temptations to go against your Faith. True Faith can be rolled to repel vampires and even other wraiths (difficulty is the target’s Willpower). It may be used to perform miracles as the Storyteller’s discretion.

Tomb (1-3 points)

Your tomb offers you protection from the Maelstrom and Relics that were buried with you. A 1 point tomb is a solid structure that will shield against level 2 Maelstrom gales, a 2 point tomb is a heavy stone structure that protects against level 3 Maelstrom tyfoons and a 3 point tomb is an underground vault or cave that protects against level 4 Maelstrom tornadoes. The tomb also contains Relics such as weapons, books and treasure. However, these Relics are tied to the tomb and fade away if removed from the tomb for more than a few days. The tomb doesn’t have to be a Fetter or a Haunt as well, but it can be. Although sealed to most mortal, the tomb has Relic doors that open for its occupant so a Wraith can enter and leave without being discorporated.


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