Guild: Masquers

Waxy features

Basic Abilities
  • Deathmasque: roll Manipulation + Moliate (difficulty based on extent of changes, 6-9) to return a Wraith’s Corpus to its original state.
  • Shaper’s Eye: roll Perception + Moliate (difficulty of other Wraith’s Moliate+4) to detect uses of Moliate on a Wraith, with more successes revealing type of moliation and even the name of the specific Masquer who did the job.

● Vizard

Roll Appearance + Moliate and spend 1 Pathos to change your appearance; difficulty 8 to imitate someone from memory, 5 from life, 4 from a skinmask. Difficulty to spot an imitation is based on successes rolled +4.

●● Whittling

Roll Manipulation + Moliate (difficulty 7) and spend 1 Pathos to reshape a Wraith’s plasmic body in any any way, adding limbs, appendages and altering appearance (although combat applications involve the Martialry power, below). Each success on the whittling roll can also be used to heal one level of aggravated damage but the sculptor must spend 1 Willpower point and a number of points of Pathos equal to the aggravated wounds healed.

●●● Martialry

Roll Intelligence + Moliate (difficulty equal to Stamina + 3) and spend 3 Pathos. Each success adds a die to her damage in Melee or Brawling combat or adds a point of armour (but Dexterity rolls are at +1 difficulty for every 2 points of body armour)

●●●● Maelstrom Visage

Roll Stamina + Moliate (difficulty 8) and spend 3 Pathos and 1 Willpower to avoid any damage from the Maelstrom for one Scene per success. Spectres will ignore a character transformed like this unless attacked. The character gains 1 Angst for each 1 rolled and suffers Catharsis on a botch.

●●●●● Rend

Roll Strength + Moliate (difficulty is target’s Stamina + 3) and spend 1 Pathos and gain 1 Angst. Each success does one die of aggravated damage, plus one additional for each additional Pathos spent. 5+ successes tears off a skinmask.

Alternative Arcanoi known to the Guild
●●● Barbarossa’s Fist

Roll Intelligence + Moliate (difficulty equal to Strength + 2) and spend 2 Pathos to add objects to a Wraith’s Corpus – these can be Relic items, soulsteel weapons or even plasmic limbs. The art is named after the Turkish pirate’s silver prosthetic arm.

●●●● Girding

This is the ability, jealously guarded by surviving Artificers, to endow Martialry on other Wraiths.

●●●●● Bodyshape

This is the ability to reshape a Wraith’s plasmic body into any form. This enables a wraith to be reshaped as a Barguest, an angelic or demonic or any other plasmic creature. It costs 4 Pathos and if the transformation is into something monstrous or inhuman then the Masquer gains 2 Angst as well. Wraith Corpus cannot be reshaped into inanimate objects – that requires the highest levels of Kinesis.


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