Guild: Spooks

Smell of sulphur

Basic Abilities
  • Leap of Rage: roll Dexterity + Outrage (difficulty 6) and add to Athletics rolls to leap.
  • Ghastly Grimace: roll Appearance + Outrage (difficulty 7); for a Scene the Shadow-eaten will not attack the Wraith unless attacked first; in a Maelstrom, the Wraith must get as many successes as the Maelstrom rating to intimidate the Spectres in it

● Fell Wind

Roll Charisma + Outrage (difficulty is the Shroud) and spend 1 Pathos to send a fierce wind through an area which will blow loose objects about, slam doors, fill sails (and move boats), cause waves and spray and part mists. Humans find the chill wind unsettling and experience the Fog if the Wraith gets more successes than their Willpower rating.

●● Death Knocking

Roll Manipulation + Outrage (difficulty is the Shroud) and spend 1 Pathos to create one ‘knock’ per success. ‘Knocks’ can startle humans, knock over objects or communicate at a seance. Two ‘knocks’ used at once can send an object flying (causing a soakable wound) and three ‘knocks’ can shatter anything breakable or buckle and bend resistant materials; this sort of ‘knock’ will stagger a human, making them fall if they are unbalanced (on stairs, leaning over a balcony, on a ladder or in rigging).

●●● Adamant Strike

Roll Strength + Outrage (difficulty 6 in the Underworld or the Shroud) and spend 2 Pathos to do one Health (or Corpus) Level of damage per success. This cannot be soaked but armour offers normal protection and victims who are Stunned will also be flung back 1-10 yards, possibly taking extra damage. This can also be used to shatter, tear, puncture or knock down even highly resilient objects in the Skinlands.

●●●● Sulfurous Touch

Roll Dexterity + Outrage (difficulty is the Shroud or 7) and spend 3 Pathos to manipulate objects in the Skinlands or start fires; this lasts for one minute per success and leaves traces of brimstone (sulphur) where it has been used. Gunpowder detonated this way passes into the Underworld as soulsulfur (one pinch per success rolled) but this causes the Wraith to gain 1 Angst. Alternatively, this art powers Relic firearms, grenades or cannons, enabling them to be fired or detonated at no Pathos cost for one turn per success; this use also generates 1 Angst.

●●●●● Obliviate

Roll Stamina + Outrage (difficulty is target’s Stamina + 3 or the Shroud), spend 3 Pathos and gain 2 Angst; the target takes one level of aggravated damage per success. Wraiths who take more damage than their Eidolon rating automatically drop into a Harrowing.


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