Guild: Puppeteers

Thread trails from fingers

I’ve made Skinriding a Basic Ability for this Arcanos. This brings Puppetry into line with other Arcanoi like Kinesis or Phantasm where the essential power is a Basic Ability.

Basic Abilities
  • Detect Possession: roll Perception + Puppetry (difficulty 6) to detect a wraith currently possessing someone; 3+ successes will detect a Consort or identify the Skinrider.
  • Skinride: roll Dexterity + Puppetry (difficulty is the Shroud) to inhabit a mortal’s body; other wraiths must roll more successes to dislodge the skinriding wraith. A skinriding wraith takes one Corpus Level of damage for each wound the host takes and can spend Temporary Willpower to ‘attune’ a host as a permanent Consort.

● Waking Dream

Roll Manipulation + Puppetry (difficulty 7) and spend 1 Pathos. A skinriding wraith can influence careless behaviour. This is often used to cause a mortal host to walk in a particular direction, pick up or put down an object or include certain words in a written message. 1 success brings about minor changes, 3 successes causes noticeable (but subtle) alterations and 5 successes sneaks sustained actions into the host’s behaviour. Getting the behaviour you want takes a Scene, but if the mortal is attuned, then the behaviour can be produced in a few turns.

With this art, a wraith with Puppetry can direct a host to travel to a particular location or perform ‘Freudian Slips’ so long as the behaviour is not noticeable to the host.

●● Marionette

When Skinriding, roll Strength + Puppetry (difficulty is target’s Willpower, + 2 difficulty if non-attuned) which may be a Contested Roll by the host using Willpower if they are aware of the Wraith. Each success forces a limb into one action, and 3+ successes are required for fine manipulation. This art costs 1 Pathos per use. If the target resists, the Wraith gains 1 Angst as well.

●●● Ventriloquy

When Skinriding, roll Intelligence + Puppetry (difficulty is the Shroud rating, + 2 difficulty if non-attuned) and spend 1 Pathos to speak through the host for 1 turn per success. If the host is unwilling the Wraith gains 1 Angst.

●●●● Dance in the Head

When skinriding a Consort, roll Charisma + Puppetry (difficulty is the Shroud rating), spend 4 Pathos and gain 1 Angst; the Wraith can control the host for one ‘bell’ (30 minutes) per success while the host enters a dreamlike state. Hosts who are aware of the Wraith can make a Contested Roll using Willpower.

●●●●● Obliterate the Soul

When skinriding a Consort during the New Moon, roll Stamina + Puppetry (difficulty is the Shroud), spend 5 Pathos and 2 Willpower. The Wraith needs successes equal to the host’s Willpower but this can be an extended roll over several months. If successful the Wraith’s Shadow eats the mortal’s soul (gaining 1 Angst per Willpower Point it possessed) and the mortal becomes a soulless husk that the Wraith can skinride freely. The body decays, losing 1 Appearance per week, then dots from Physical Attributes each week. When all dots are gone the body moulders away.


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