Revised Arcanoi

Wraith: The Great War has been used as a starting point for these Arcanoi, but where the Great War powers were too silly, one-note or incoherent I’ve gone back to the core rules, and where the core rules were pretty lame I’ve freely developed new ones. Pandemonium and Phantasm get the biggest working over, but there are big changes to Embody (now Incarnate) and Outrage.

Recognised Arcanoi Restricted Arcanoi Exotic Arcanoi Dark Arcanoi
Argos Kinesis Phantasm Flux Behest Contaminate
Castigate Lifeweb Puppetry Intimation Connaissance Hive Mind
Fatalism Moliate Usury Mnemosynis Necrophagia Leechcraft
Incarnate Outrage Shroud Rending
Keening Pandemonium Tempest Weaving
Alternate Arts

In most Arcanoi, there are many variations on the powers which can be learned instead of the basic arts listed here for the same point cost. If a Wraith decides to learn the alternative version of an Arcanos already possessed, the experience point cost is:

Arcanos Level Point Cost
One 1
Two 3
Three 6
Four 9
Five 12

A wraith may not acquire alternate arts higher than her level of training in a given Arcanos.

Revised Arcanoi

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