Status confers a title based on the Faction to which the character belongs

Status Imperial Guild Puritan Cimarron
1 Legionnaire Prentice Novice Maroon
2 Centurion Craftsman Witness Renegado
3 Corregidor (Legate) Journeyman Minister Guerilla
4 Governor (Prefect) Master Prophet § Ghede §
5 Adelantado (Anacreon) Grand Master Saint § Baron §
6 Aristocrat ¥ Keremeikon ¥
7 Senator ¥ Paragon ¥
8 Minor Deathlord ¥ Guild Lord ¥
9 Greater Deathlord ¥
10 Emperor¥

¥ Ranks 6+ among the Empire and the Guilds can only be held by Domem and Gaunts who have abandoned the Shadowlands to rule from within the Tempest
§ Ranks 4 and 5 among the Puritans and Cimarrons are only conferred by higher entities: Angelics, Ferrymen, Malfeans or other Tempest-entities for Puritans; Maître Carrefour inducts high ranking Cimarrons into the Loa.

Wraiths in the Empire and the Guilds are required to wear Artifact Masks to enjoy the benefit of any Status higher than 2 and Imperial wraiths without masks suffer +1 difficulty on any Status rolls.

  • Status can be rolled at the start of each Story to claim a benefit, which depends on the Legion, Guild, Cult or Loa the wraith belongs to.
  • A character must roll Status when learning certain Arcanoi, to increase or decrease the cost in experience points.
  • The base difficulty of a Wealth roll is 9 minus the character’s Status.
  • Social interactions with other wraiths of the same faction but lower Status can automatically default to 1 success without rolling any dice; this includes using Arcanoi


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