Guild: Usurers

One hand blackens, the other whitens

Basic Abilities
  • Appraisal: roll Perception + Usury (difficulty 6); 1 successes reveals the target’s health, 3 successes determines number of Health or Corpus Levels lost, 5+ successes allow identification and diagnosis of each individual.
  • Donation: roll Dexterity + Usury (difficulty 6) to donate your own Pathos to another wraith or to a soul crystal, up to one point per success.

● Dividend

Roll Charisma + Usury (difficulty 4 if willing or the target’s Willpower) to transfer (or steal) 1 Pathos per success. Stealing Pathos requires touching the target (a hit in combat) and gains 1 Angst.

●● Sweet Charity

Roll Stamina + Usury (difficulty is subject’s current Corpus or Health Level). For each success the character can lose a point of their own Corpus to heal a level of Corpus in someone else. This art can also be used to heal lost Health Levels in the living, but the character must spend a point of Pathos to do this.

●●● Plunder

Rolls Wits + Usury (difficulty is the victim’s Willpower) and gain 1 Angst to steal Corpus from someone else, draining one Corpus Level per success. The Wraith must touch the victim, requiring a successful (but not necessarily damaging) hit in combat or the use of Incarnate to touch mortals.

●●●● Soul’s Ransom

Roll Manipulation + Usury (difficulty is the Shadow’s Angst or the Spectre’s Being) and spend 3 Pathos; a targeted Spectre is prevented from attacking the Wraith for one turn per success or else this art ‘buys off’ the Shadow, preventing it from using Thorns or Dark Passions or attempting Catharsis for one turn per success.

●●●●● Reliquary

Roll Intelligence + Usury (difficulty 6) and spend 2 Pathos and 1 Willpower to store invested points of Corpus or Pathos in a Relic, to be unlocked later using a chosen command.


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