Each point of armour adds an automatic success on any soak roll to which it applies or an extra soak die on soak rolls against aggravated damage. This also applies to abilities that duplicate armour, like a vampire’s Fortitude discipline.

Aggravated damage demolishes non-magical armour. Each point of aggravated damage successfully soaked reduces the strength of the armour by one point. This doesn’t apply to vampiric Fortitude but it does apply to armour created through using Moliate. Mages and Changelings can create armour that resists aggravated wounds by investing it with Quintessence/Glamour (allowing each point of armour to take a number of wounds equal to the points invested)

A Kevlar vest gives 2 points of armour protection, meaning 2 automatic soaks against normal damage and 2 extra dice against aggravated damage. Once one aggravated wound is soaked, it drops to a 1-point vest; when two aggravated wounds have been soaked by the armour, it is in shreds. An enchanted Kevlar vest with 3 Quintessence in it could soak three aggravated wounds before dropping to a 1 point armour then another three before disintegrating. Nockers or smiths of House Dougal can imbue Glamour into armour for a similar effect.

  • Characters with Crafts (Smithing) or Crafts (Armourer) can repair armour if they have the tools to hand. An extended Intelligence+Crafts roll is needed, rolling every hour of work: repairing a point of armour takes a number of successes equal to its value. Example: repairing a 3-point armour takes 1 success to repair the first point, 2 successes for the second and 3 successes for the third. Field repairs can be attempted using Wits+Crafts, roll every round, but field repairs fall apart again the first time they successfully soak anything. Boggans, of course, can make three such rolls in a round, so long as they are unobserved.
  • Characters who take the Relic Background might have armour as part of their plasmic body. This armour restores itself between stories and can be restored during a story by the expenditure of a Pathos point and a Willpower point.

Armour: Types, costs, benefits, limitations

Type Relic Background cost Armour Rating (Soak) Modifier to Dexterity difficulties
Light Armour (leather jerkin) •• +1 0
Composite Armour (corslet) ••• +2 0
Heavy Armour (brigandine, jack of plates) ••• +3 +1
Full Armour (plate) •••• +4 +2
Stygian Plate ••••• +6 +3

Munnions are articulated plates protecting the shoulders and upper arms; a morion is a Conquistador-style helmet; each adds a level to the protection provided by jerkins, corslets and jacks. The munnions add +1 to Dexterity rolls and the morion adds +1 to Initiative rolls.


Bucklers (or Targes) are small shields that deflect and parry blows: they impose +1 difficulty for attackers and give -1 difficulty for the user’s Dodge rolls. They offer no extra protection against missiles and the user must spend one die from his attack/manoeuvre dice pool each round to use the shield effectively.

Heaters are larger shields that deflect, parry and absorb blows, imposing +1 difficulty for attackers, giving the user -1 difficulty for Dodge rolls and adding +1 to the user’s armour rating). They offer extra protection against missiles, imposing +2 difficulty for attackers. However the user must spend two dice from his attack/manoeuvre dice pool each round to use the shield effectively.

Shields: Types, costs, benefits, limitations

Type Relic Background cost Modifier to attackers’ difficulty Modifier to Dodge difficulty Cover against missiles Armour protection Cost to attack/manoeuvre dice pool
Buckler •• +1 -1 0 0 -1
Heater ••• +1 -1 +2 +1 -2

Firearms damage non-magical shields in the way that aggravated damage destroys armour – each wound successfully soaked lowers the effectiveness by one point (so heaters are turned into bucklers and bucklers are demolished). Modern anti-ballistic shields can stand up to handguns and SMGS; heavy anti-ballistic shields stop rifle rounds. At the Storyteller’s discretion, these shields also resist the claws of spectres, werewolves and vampires.


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